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Promoting Dietary Diversity in Kenya through Cooking and Nutrition Extension

Through door-to-door sensitization of communities, 40,000 households have been reached with messages promoting consumption of diverse and nutritious food for improved health and nutrition. In addition 2,500 women have been trained on healthy cooking and an additional 3,000 have been trained on nutrition education. These activities are part of a larger endeavor to mainstream changes … Continue reading

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Helping Kenyan Farmers Adapt to Climate Change (Video)

In spite of the below-average rainfall received during both long and short seasons in 2016, production of drought tolerant crops in Makueni, Tharaka Nithi and Kitui counties in Kenya has been remarkable. Farmers who planted sorghum, pearl millet, pigeonpeas and green grams have learnt wonderful lessons to share with others and to help forestall any … Continue reading

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Rekindling dreams: one clean potato seed at a time.

This March in Nkuene ward, Meru County, potatoes were in flower, farmers were busy in their potato farms attending to their precious cash crop. Decentralised seed multipliers also known as Village Potato Advisors (VPAs) are busy too, doing a routine follow-up on farmers’ plots advising them on crop management of at this critical stage. Farm … Continue reading

Village potato advisor sees a brighter future in potato farming
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Village potato advisor sees a brighter future in potato farming

Written by Raymond Jumah and Dave Priest (FIPS-Africa) FIPS VPA Edward Kirinya harvesting the Sherekea potato variety. He planted 50 kg in July and has harvested 1,322 kg in November 2016. Photo: Raymond Jumah/FIPS-Africa A cool breeze sweeps across Kioru village in Abothuguchi West ward, bringing freshness to the otherwise misty agricultural highlands of Meru … Continue reading

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Smart Food Nutrition Activities Kicks Off in Kenya

To improve the nutritional status of women in the reproductive age and children below five years, an awareness drive under the Smart Food campaign has been launched in selected counties in Kenya. The aim is to promote increased consumption of nutrient dense, drought tolerant crops (sorghum, millets, pigeonpea, groundnut, cowpea and green gram) and appropriate … Continue reading

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Village Potato Multipliers will accelerate access to clean seed with good agronomy in Meru – Farmer

Eight months after rolling out into the field, Farm Input Promotions Africa (FIPS-Africa) has established 73 decentralised seed multipliers (also known as Village-Potato Advisors (VPAs) in Meru County. The VPAs are supported through US government funded program Feed the Future Kenya Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) Program in partnership with the International Potato Centre (CIP) … Continue reading

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Forging multi-sectoral partnerships to tackle malnutrition in Kenya

Exploring how best to approach multi-sectoral collaboration and how to develop a comprehensive, robust nutrition strategy that is in line with the priorities of the Kenyan government were the issues explored at a two-day workshop recently.  The multi-sectoral partnership with agriculture, health and education sectors, is being used in Kenya to mainstream nutrition into agricultural … Continue reading