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A selection of features articles, videos and posts about the Feed the future Accelerated Value Chains program as posted by various media houses.


Apr 28, 2018- Kenya Broadcast Corporations Youtube

Official Launch of Kenya Feed the Future Country Plan during the opening of the National Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) Conference at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) #Big4ActionPlan #AVCDNatConf


Apr 27, 2018- H.E Uhuru Kenyatta Official Facebook page

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses the 400 guests at the national conference of the Feed the Future Accelerating Value Chain Development program at ILRI on 27 Apr 2018

April 27, 2018 Xinhua 

Kenya moves to empower farmers with sci-tech for food security

NAIROBI, April 27 (Xinhua) — Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Friday that his government will use science and technology to empower farmers as part of the efforts to achieve food security and nutrition.

Kenyatta said the new approach will enhance agricultural productivity by targeting small-scale farmers with new technologies.

“In order to achieve growth in the agricultural sector, we must resort to new thinking by relying on innovation and mechanization,” he said during the opening of Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) National Conference in Nairobi.

The president said the new approach will mean moving away from the old policy of using subsidies as the only method to boost production.

“We must rely more on scientific data to drive our policy interventions on input subsidies and strategic food reserves,” Kenyatta said.

He revealed that Kenyan farmers will be empowered through the availing of information to help increase their output per acre, reduce their unit cost of production and improve returns on their investment.

Kenyatta said the government is seeking ways to support the revival of crop and livestock extension services, which hold the key to improved productivity as they help improve the knowledge base of farmers through a variety of means, such as demonstrations, model plots and training.

The two-day event was attended by 400 participants from national Government, County Governments, development partners, beneficiary farmers and pastoralists.

Kenyatta called on policymakers and regulatory authorities in the agricultural sector to open up to new ideas, and benchmark national standards with countries that are food sufficient.

Kenyatta further called on research organizations in the country to get more involved towards the transformation of agriculture.

He cautioned on the use of subsidies, adding that they have previously majorly benefited the rich but not the small-scale farmer who are crucial to the country’s resilience.

He noted that Kenya has research institutions that are reservoirs of information, technology and innovations that have been accumulated over the years which if applied can revolutionize agriculture.

The Kenyans leader urged the international and national agricultural research institutions in the country to work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the County Governments to help initiate development focused programs to assist in implementing the Government’s Big Four Agenda on Food and Nutrition Security.



April 27, 2018-U.S. Embassy in Kenya Official Website ke.usembassy.gov

US Ambassador’s Remarks Speech at the Accelerated Value Chain Development National Conference, ILRI Campus



April 16,2018

Lessons from Kenya – exploring multi-sector programme implementation in nutrition

Join ENN’s Lillian Karanja Odhiambo to see and hear how one multi-sector programmes is being implemented at the sub-national level in Kenya. This video focuses on implementation challenges and lessons from the USAID-funded Accelerated Value Chain Development Programme (AVCD) in Homa Bay and how current government led activities and structures enable and interact with this multi-sectoral programme.

This video accompanies a full report on Multi-sector programmes at the sub-national level: A case study in Homa Bay and Makueni counties in Kenya.

This video is one of three in a series of videos on multi-sector programming at the sub-national level, more information about it is available here.