AVCD / CIP / ICRISAT / ILRI / Kenya / Partners


Started in 2015, AVCD is a five-year program that was implemented in two phases of three years and two years. During the first three years the program achieved and in some instances, overachieved targets for planned activities. For instance, 318,362 households benefitted from the program, over and above the target of 256,937 households. These households are now food secure and either out of absolute poverty or on a pathway out of poverty.

The second two-year phase ended in December 2020 with the program achieving targets for some of the topline indicators. However due to the impact of COVID 19 pandemic related restrictions, the program did not achieve some targets.  

During this extension phase, the program targets to complete tasks affected by COVID 19 pandemic,  and also other tasks that were not foreseen in the design but have tremendous impact in the development of the respective value chains, key among them being: Establishment of Bulk Milk Chilling Plants; Development of County and National Legislations; and Building Human Capacity of County Government.

In late 2020, the program started four sub-activities at the request of the National Government, Council of Governors Agriculture Sector Committee and, the USAID/KEA:  Support to review the national legislations in the livestock sector; Support the Development of Kenya Livestock Master Plan; and Support to Council of Governors Agriculture Sector Secretariat; and Assessment of Conservancies in Kenya. These will also be completed during the extension phase.

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